Vol 2: Chapter 1, Part 1: The Return of the Fillsner’s Muse

While trying to focus on a knot in the wood slats of the ceiling of his small cabin room, Beddigan lay flat on his back on the small, hard bed and clenched his stomach, trying to quell the urge to vomit into the bucket at his bedside. The trip across the Lorring Sea would take about a week as they angled south from San Vincent’s Port, skirting well around the mists of the Ranier Islands and travelling North up the coast of Mormant to port that sat outside the walls of the capital city of Strille. For the first few days of the journey he had tried to stay up on deck, which was supposed to help those who suffered with sea travel, as it would give them the horizon to focus on, but had spent the majority of his time on deck hanging his head over the edge of the ship. Captain Linley had provided him with herbal sachets and teas recommended by other members of the crew but nothing had helped so far. Continue reading