Vol 2: Chapter 4, Part 2: Mouse In The House

Beddigan strode up the thoroughfare until he reached the main gate into the Fort. He tensed reflexively when he saw the two armed Wolves standing as sentry guards. Holding in a breath, he reminded himself that he was wearing the face of a wolf and had no reason to be nervous. Forcing his feet to keep moving forward, he nodded to the guards who both saluted him, before stepping through the open wooden gate and into a throng of soldiers. Continue reading

Vol 2: Chapter 4, Part 1: A Little Help From A Friend

Swearing under his breath as his boot sunk ankle deep in a puddle of thick, sticky mud, Beddigan sighed and reached down to grab a hold of his calf. He wrenched his boot free of the muck and stumbled back, hitting hard against the trunk of a tree, wincing at the loud thump and the shock of pain. Crouching down low he listened carefully for the sounds of someone approaching to investigate what the sound was. His heart raced as he strained to hear the sound of boots clumping through the damp underbrush of the forest, over the roaring of the wind and the torrential rain falling through the canopy of tree leaves. Continue reading

Vol 2: Chapter 3, Part 2: The Only Way

“Beddigan? Are you even listening to me?!” Clottie’s annoyed voice drifted through the haze in Beddigan’s mind, bringing him back to the hot, dusty path leading through dead trees. His sister stood facing him, barely a yard away at a fork in the road. The dark green of her tunic was dulled by a thin layer of the pale dust that swirled up from the path with the breeze. Her paws were balled into fists and rested on her hip as she glared at him. He offered a hasty smile,

“Sorry, I just can’t stop thinking about the wysp. Such an interesting creature! We are fortunate they have had kind dealings with our kin.” Continue reading