Vol 2: Chapter 5, Part 1: All Locked Up

Beddigan let out a deep sigh as he stretched his sore arms as much as he could. The cell was dark and damp, and his wrists were shackled together and fixed at an uncomfortable height on the wall, with only a small bit of chain allowing for movement, making it impossible for him to get any rest. He spent most of his time sitting with his arms above his head and back against the cold, damp bricks, until his hands became numb. There was no window in his cell, or any of the other cells in the corridor, from what he could tell. The air was stale and musty. Thankfully they emptied his chamber pot daily. Continue reading

Vol 2: Chapter 4, Part 3: Racing Towards The Past

Beddigan rounded the corner into the alley, barely slowing his speed. A quick glance over his shoulder confirmed that William was still right behind him as the ducked and dodged through the streets of Fort Alline, desperately trying to make their way to the perimeter.

“How far behind are they?” Beddigan asked, gasping for breath. They were fast, but so were the Wolves.

“Not far enough.” William growled. “What’s the plan, Beddigan?” Beddigan rushed to the end of the alley peering around the corner before dashing across the lane.

“Don’t really have a plan, old friend. Just get to the woods, lose them, and make for the tunnel to the border.” William grunted.

“What use was rescuing me if the only plan you had was such a foolish one?” the Bear growled. “I went through a lot not to give you up and now you’ve gotten us both all but captured!” Beddigan cast a sharp look at the Bear over his shoulder,

“We aren’t caught yet. Now hustle, we are near the perimeter but those bells clanging will have the guards on high alert.” Just then they heard the shouts of Wolves closing in on their position. Continue reading