Vol 2: Chapter 8, Part 2: Safety In Numbers

Peering through the trees towards the village of Windermere, Beddigan breathed a sigh of relief. He could see the cottage that he and William had been staying in, back before William had been captured and Beddigan had chased after his friend across the Lorring Sea. From where he stood in the woods that skirted the village, nearest to the base of Mt. Lileen, it looked as if the hunt hadn’t spread as far south as this yet.

The trip south from Tolsdale had been grueling, taking nearly three times as long as it normally would. Wanted posters of them plastered every village and township they crossed through, making it impossible to arrange a carriage, and making it much safer to stay in the woods at night instead of village lodgings. They had chosen a zig-zag route heading south, in an effort to mask their tracks a bit, in the case that someone were to catch on to who they were. They travelled mostly at night and stayed as far from the main roads as they could. Every third village or so, either he or William would go in to buy a bit of food for the group, never risking sending Ragnon in, as Wolves were so rare in Katheyra he would surely be scrutinized in a way that a mouse and bear would not. It had been a long, arduous journey, but now at least temporary safety sat just a few steps away. Continue reading

Vol 2: Chapter 7, Part 2: A Growing Sense of Unease

Late in the evening as they approached the mists that surrounded the Ranier Islands, the crew set about arming themselves. Meanwhile Beddigan, Clottie, and a still reluctant William discussed the plan to rescue the Dragon-born. They knew that the Lynx sorcerers would be alerted immediately once they made landfall, just as they had been the last time that they had visited the Islands. At least this time they knew exactly where to find those in need of rescue, so that they could move swiftly and retreat with great haste. All they could to was hope that they could get to the Dragon-born fast enough to get them back to the ship and on their way before the Lynx attacked. Continue reading

Vol 2: Chapter 7, Part 1: An Unwanted Detour

Beddigan set down the last of the supply bags he and William had been carting to the ship from the small east coast village of Kinson, on the mountainous centre island of Sinnerah. Clottie was already below deck, still resting from her healing. They had stayed three days in the small village, two days longer than any of them had felt comfortable doing, but Clottie had needed the rest to recover from the Blood Bat bites, as well as they had needed to get word to, and then wait for their ride back to Katheyra. Continue reading

Vol 2: Chapter 6, Part 2: Trouble On The Mountain

Grateful for the strength of the Bear paw gripping his forearm, Beddigan pushed hard with his legs until he crested the top of the bluff. William hauled him away from the cliff’s edge, depositing him in a heap next to his sister. Clottie was still breathing heavily from her own climb up the rocky path.

Beddigan collapsed onto his back, dragging in hungry breaths of the cold night air. Everything hurt and he was thoroughly spent.

“How in the names of Annalose and Ardra is Ragnon going to manage it?” Clottie asked. Beddigan pushed himself up into a sitting position next to his sister. Continue reading

Vol 2: Chapter 6, Part 1: Not Exactly A Beach Vacation

Crawling across the hot sand, Beddigan groaned as his muscles twitched and strained. Clawing himself towards a small pool of shade beneath a massive tree, he hissed with pleasure as he reached shelter from the hot sun.

Two hard days of over-land travel had lead them from Shillingdell along the northern border of the Losley Deadwoods, to the rocky east coast. They had moved as quickly as possible, but after only a short night’s rest, both he and Ragnon had still been worse for wear. Continue reading