Vol 2: Chapter 10, Part 2: Up, Up, and Away

Beddigan and his companions had followed the icy beast, Silkelline, through the Losley Deadwoods for quite some time before they finally found themselves on the shores of the Lost Lake. Despite having seen the colourful lake before, Beddigan joined in with the amazed whispers of his companions as they took in the sight of the great lake, ringed by towering evergreens, and shimmering with vibrant colours, like an iridescent rainbow. They had been so entranced by the mystical wonder of the lake, that they hadn’t even noticed Silkelline slip back into its translucent form, and disappear back into the woods the way they had come. Continue reading

Vol 2: Chapter 10, Part 1: Creatures In The Dark

Beddigan gently nudged William and Ragnon awake, before standing up on the ship’s rocking deck to stretch his legs. On the horizon he could see the coastline of the west; to the north, the towering canopy of evergreens that was the southern barrier of the Losley Deadwoods, and to the south the rocky shores of Reene. Silhouetted against the bow railing of the ship was Shianne, standing as she had been for the latter portion of the trip, waiting for her home country to appear in the distance

The trip had gone quickly and it had been surprisingly smooth ride, leaving Beddigan feeling much better than he normally did after any amount of sea travel. He moved across the deck to Shianne’s side, folding his arms on the railing and taking a moment to relish the salty spray of the sea air on his whiskers. Turning to face her, he commented,

“We’re almost there.” He watched her nod her head slowly in response, her eyes never leaving the expanse of rocky coast that she hadn’t seen in a great many turnings. Clearing his throat, Beddigan continued. “I uh, I don’t know anything about the village, other than it is the northernmost village along the coast. Few live there, according to Marlog, and it has a very small patrol station. Being so close to the woods… well, you know how the Wolves feel about the woods.” Shianne turned to face him and he fidgeted under her unnerving gaze. Continue reading

Vol 2: Chapter 9, Part 2: On The Shores of Heartbreak

The path through the coastal mountains had been gruelling; full of hairpin turns, sheer drops, and jagged cliffs, leaving Beddigan and his companions exhausted before they even reached the summit. Upon learning of the route through the mountains to the abandoned sea port of Se-Hille, Ragnon had been assured by his source back in the west that the path needed to be completed in a single day, and that camping overnight was strongly advised against. The rumour was that no one who had slept in the pass had ever been seen again. Depending on who you asked, the reasons for the disappearances ranged from cave-dwelling monsters that never left the mountains, to the mountains themselves refusing to let sleeping travellers pass, swallowing them whole as if a giant creature themselves. Beddigan wasn’t sure if he believed any of it, but he didn’t want to take his chances, not with the things he had seen in his time as an Adventurer. Usually if there were fantastical stories about a particular place, there was a reason for it, and he didn’t want to find out what that reason was. So they had pushed on, despite their aching muscles, if for no other reason than the practicality that a hunter or military search party may still be following them; to say nothing of the fact that they needed to meet Captain Marlog that night. Continue reading

Vol 2: Chapter 9, Part 1: The Danger Increases

The sound of a pebble skittering across the hard-packed earth caused Beddigan’s eyes to pop open. Though still dark where he was laying, below an outcropping of rocks at the foot of the coastal mountains, the sun was starting to peek out over the horizon above. Next to him, a still slumbering Ragnon and William didn’t so much as budge at the sound, and for a second Beddigan thought that maybe he had imagined it. But then another shallow sound, like a footfall, but more muffled, caused his hand to fly to the hilt of his sword as he rolled up into a crouch.

Surveying the narrow expanse of path that lead into a stand of trees and brush, he tried to spot what he had heard, but found nothing but what should be there; shrubs, tall thin-stalked weeds, and a few sparse trees stretching up in the dimly lit sky. He crept away from his sleeping companions, pausing only a moment to look back at them and wonder if he should wake them, before continuing on into the shaded woods. Continue reading