Alternate Art

Here is a showcase of some alternate art of the characters of Beddigan, drawn by various, incredibly talented artists. You can find their contact info/website below each piece.


This is actually the first interpretation of Beddigan that came from the official artist, Jamie Heise.


This piece was done by Amanda Lafrenais. Find her stuff here: (NSFW)

beddigan(digital bg)

The newest piece is Beddigan as drawn by Alina Pete, who is the author/illustrator of the fantastic webcomic: Weregeek! Find it here:


A version of our hero, Beddigan, drawn by Carl Sjostrand of the FANTASTIC webcomic Ginger’s Bread. Find it here:


Our dashing Hero, as rendered by the supremely talented Ein of They post a lot of their work on their Twitter account so see @HorrorDelight for more, and you want you can support them on Patreon here: 


A gorgeous Action-shot of our main Mouse, done by Clayton Summers of the webcomic Tales Untold, which you can read here: 


This gorgeous bust of Beddigan was done by Jack of the comic Thistlewine. Find his stuff here:


Our hero, once again, looking mighty and heroic! Piece done by Toby, artist/creator (you can find him on twitter @bugfan69) of the webcomic Sharp Zero which you can find here:


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