We’re baaaaaaack!

Hello, faithful readers!

It has been quite some time since we have had a proper update on the site — you know how it is, life gets in the way sometimes!

Volume 3 of Beddigan and Co.’s adventures was written back in November during Nanowrimo, and has since been updated, refined, and edited in full.


So now for the BIG ANNOUNEMENT:

BEDDIGAN RETURNS MARCH 7th, 2017! Mark your calendars or just, you know, pay attention to Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram as we will be headed back to a weekly update schedule. Every Tuesday March7th through September 1st, we will make our way through the story (my favourite volume so far!) and figure what the heck happened to those crazy Adventurers when they headed over the Snowcap Mountains and into the unmapped world beyond!

Same Mouze time, Same Mouze channel.


Beddigan first draft resize ready


I just wanted to take a moment and thank you all for reading. It has been a wild few months, but I am really proud of how the story has progressed and how the world has grown. Volume 1 is all wrapped up, but we will have a few updates of special surprises throughout the rest of December.

Stay tuned! And don’t forget, Volume 2 will start January 12th – same mouse time, same mouse channel.

Chapter 4, Part 2: Water, Water, Everywhere…

Beddigan woke, blinking against the dim light filtering into the room from a slit underneath the door. His head was pounding. He found his hands tied behind his back, when he instinctively tried to raise a hand to what he was sure was a large, throbbing bump on the back of his head. Slowly, the whole ordeal on the boat with Aliott came drifting back. The daggers had been removed from the wounds in his shoulder and leg and had been bandaged while he had been knocked out. He felt the familiar roll of ocean, and realized he was again in the belly of a ship, somewhere at sea. I’ve had enough sea travel for a lifetime, he thought, turning his wrists against the rope that bound them, searching for a weakness. He struggled to get to his feet, his whole body aching from being slumped in the tiny, windowless room. His sword and dagger were both missing, along with his coin and crystals pouches. The room was bare except for a burlap sack of oranges, leaving him little to free himself with. Continue reading