Beddigan first draft resize readyOur lead, one Beddigan T. Mouze, is both adventurer and gentleman. Follow along with the former knight of the highest order of Her Majesty’s Sapphire Brigade, as he adventures through the land, chasing redemption.



Unpredictable. Crazy. Assassin: all words used to describe Shianne. Estranged from her home country of Reene, and wearing a magical disguise, our vixen du jour is a long-time friend of Beddigan. Always there to lend a hand, she has always had our heroes best interests at heart… or has she?


Long-time friend of Beddigan, William Bearhelm has lost much in recent turnings. Alienated from his wife and kids back home in Sinnerah, and stripped of his name and title to escape the wrath of Mormant, William endeavours alongside Beddigan to find redemption.

** (All art by Jamie Heise. See her work here:**

© Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved.

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