Strange things are occurring… and the world around Beddigan is changing.

Everyone back home thinks him dead, and it has been much time since he was a member of Her Majesty’s Royal Sapphire Brigade.

Beddigan T. Mouze had been living the Adventurer life for many turnings. A Hero for Hire, he had been travelling around the free Republic of Katheyra, making a life for himself, far across the Lorring Sea from his homeland of Illensdar.

The life and people he had left behind haunted him still, despite how long it had been since he had donned the uniform of Her Majesty’s Royal Sapphire Brigade. He kept himself busy in an effort to block out the memories… that is until he reunited with former Adventurer buddy, and dear, dear friend, William Bearhelm.

William has a problem that only Beddigan can help to solve, and thus begins their series of Adventures, each more peculiar and threatening than the last. Can Beddigan keep himself together while the state of the world changes around him? Has his past finally caught up to him? Only time will tell…

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