About the Story

As an author, ideas can come to you in many ways. You can be inspired by someone else’s work, have an epiphany, or see something in a new light, sparking interest and imagination.

Or, you can be me and most of your ideas come from dreams.

I freely admit that the concept of Beddigan T. Mouze and his adventures leapt from a dream that I had right on to the page. The dream was so vivid and stuck with me so strongly, I knew the story had teeth (which were already sinking into my brain) and that it would need to be explored. Inside of 48hrs, this blog/website was born, and an artist was commissioned to bring Beddigan to life. I intend to upload an adventure of Beddigan’s weekly, in short story form, every Tuesday.

So, come along with Beddigan, former knight of the highest order of Her Majesty’s Sapphire Brigade, as he adventures through the land, chasing redemption and meaning in his life.

Doctor Author (a.k.a Mandy)

© Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved.


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